Fully-Autonomous Nissan Leaf Completes Maiden Journey!

Does the idea of sharing the road with a car operating itself intimidate you? According to Nissan, the auto manufacturer recently highway tested their autonomous vehicle publicly in Japan. The Nissan “Leaf” took it maiden voyage and successfully navigated an expressway southwest of Tokyo. The Leaf relies upon an Autonomous Drive system for steering, braking and accelerating. This drive system covers most aspect of highway driving, thus enabling the Leaf an ability to follow cars while maintaining a safe distance, change lanes and merge into oncoming traffic on highways. Nissan contends that such vehicles will be in their lineup by the year 2020 in an effort to reduce fuel consumption, accidents and traffic congestion. Nissan intends for the technology to be a part-time system to ensure it is not limited to just their expensive models. The drive system’s purpose would be to take control over the vehicle during emergencies or standard freeway travel.