Auto Loans in Yucaipa (CA)

If you’d like a car loan in Yucaipa, your search is over. We assist consumers in Yucaipa and throughout California, helping them locate a lender or dealer able to offer them affordable rates for financing. We match you with a finance professional who can help you line up the auto loan required for the vehicle you prefer.

Yucaipa Auto Loan Rates

Your annual percentage rate is critical when getting a car financed. Rates are calculated from lots of different factors. Your credit rating is the most significant. Typically, a better credit score means reduced rates of interest. To see the impact of your credit score on your auto loan, take a look at this comparison.

Below, we’ve compared the very same auto loan at 3.50% and 11.00% APR, respectively:

Strong Credit Poor Credit
Size of Loan $26,192 $26,192
APR 3.50% 11.00%
Months 60 60
Finance Fees $2,397 $7,977

To receive an accurate estimate of your interest rate, it is advisable to contact a finance professional.

Used Car Auto Loans in Yucaipa

Many clever buyers steer clear of brand new vehicles, financing preowned ones instead. The loan rates for used cars and trucks are a bit more expensive, but other advantages, such as a lower purchase price and shallower rate of depreciation, more than make up for these higher rates. Maintenance worries can be alleviated by selecting a vehicle still covered by its factory warranty or purchasing a new service contract. Directly below, we’ve compared new and used car loans in Yucaipa, California. These estimations rely on the following assumptions:

  • Three year old used vehicle.
  • Prime credit score.
  • Down payment of 20% for new car, 10% for used.
  • Simple Interest.
New Car Used Car
Price $32,740 $16,370
Down Payment $6,548 $1,637
Loan Rate 5.00% 7.50%
Term 5 years 4 years
Monthly Payment $494.28 $356.23
Finance Charge $3,465 $2,366
Total Paid $36,205 $18,736

Yucaipa Bad Credit Car Loans

Credit score is very important when you finance a car in Yucaipa. Has yours had better days? No one likes to deal with being turned down for credit, so it’s important to locate a dealer or lender in Yucaipa that is open to non-prime credit. When you apply for financing through us, we work to place your application with a lender or dealer within driving distance who is willing to finance your credit.

Car and truck loans can without a doubt help you in restoring your credit scores. That is, provided that you make every one of the payments on time. In fact, after a year or two of timely payments it’s possible you’ll be eligible to refinance at a lesser rate. Be sure you decide on a reasonably priced monthly payment. Typically no more than 5-8% of your monthly income is healthy, or $164 to $262 if you make $3,274, the average in Yucaipa.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Yucaipa, CA

For people with substantial credit problems on account of issues like bankruptcy or debt settlement, buy here pay here financing might seem like a good option. It’s true, they do not pull your credit, meaning bad credit shouldn’t be a hurdle, but it’s quite possible you will pay too much by the time the dust settles. Regrettably, you should expect exorbitant annual percentage rates, big down payments, and high mileage vehicles that are steeply-priced. Is elevating your credit one of your goals? Then you should apply online through us, as buy here pay here dealers won’t aid you in boosting your credit.

Yucaipa Income and Finances

  • Per-Year Income: $39,286
  • Monthly Income: $3,274
  • Optimal Car Payment: $262 (8% of monthly income)

Trying to determine how much car you can get financed? Check the table below, but bear in mind the interest rates are only approximate, and the amounts are based upon an income of $39,286 per year, the average in Yucaipa. Loan length is 60 months.

Great Credit Okay Credit Bad Credit
Monthly Installment $262 $262 $262
Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Purchase Price $17,997 $16,534 $15,058
Money Down $3,599 $3,307 $3,012
Total Interest $1,317 $2,488 $3,669
Total Paid $19,315 $19,022 $18,727

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