Auto Loans in West Hollywood (CA)

An automobile is one of the most expensive investments the typical consumer makes, so it’s imperative that you lock down the cheapest interest rate you can. We’ve spent years building relationships with lenders and dealers across the nation, and that means we can help applicants of every kind, from good credit to bad. You will be walked step-by-step through the lending process by a financing specialist in your city.

Benefits of our Service for West Hollywood Car Buyers

  • Support from an experienced lending specialist.
  • Exceptional negotiating leverage.
  • Book an appointment to select your vehicle.
  • Zero fee for application.
  • New and used autos approved for financing.

Bad Credit Car Loans in West Hollywood

A lot of auto finance companies look at a credit score tailored for the automotive industry. This score is heavily influenced by your history with car loans and leases. Finding a loan provider in West Hollywood who finances people with bad credit is vital, or you could be denied or deal with an unnecessarily high APR rate. That’s where we come in. We serve people with credit problems of all kinds, getting them the loans they need.

A primary portion of your credit score is based on your history of making–or missing–payments, and making payments on your new auto loan can help you re-establish your credit.

So that you can avert missed payments, most banks and lenders let you automate your payments. Settling on an appropriate payment amount is very important. As an example, let’s say you make $3,315 per month, the average for West Hollywood residents.

  • Low Payment: $166 (5%)
  • Intermediate Payment: $265 (8%)
  • Maximum Payment: $332 (10%)

West Hollywood Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

The BHPH industry has boomed in the past few years, largely because so many consumers’ credit ratings were impacted by the down economy. It’s true, they don’t look at your credit, which means bad credit ought not be an impediment to getting approved, but you really pay for this in the long run.

You will see that preowned cars and trucks are the only thing for sale, and you may need to make payments weekly, in person. Repossession rates are astronomical, as are the interest rates. Is improving your credit a concern for you? Then you should apply online through us, as BHPH car lots will not help you rebuild your credit.

West Hollywood Income and Finances

  • Income Per Year: $39,776
  • Monthly Income: $3,315
  • Ideal Monthly Payment: $265 (8% of monthly income)

How Expensive a Car Can You Afford?

Have you considered how much car you can finance? Check the numbers below. The rates are only approximations, and the numbers are based on an income of $39,776 a year, the average in West Hollywood. Loan length is 60 months.

Excellent Credit Okay Credit Poor Credit
Monthly Installment $265 $265 $265
Interest Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Purchase Price $18,223 $16,741 $15,247
Money Down $3,645 $3,348 $3,049
Total Interest $1,334 $2,519 $3,715
Price Paid with Interest $19,557 $19,260 $18,961