Auto Loans in San Fernando (CA)

Are you looking into getting a car financed in San Fernando, but your credit score isn’t the best? We can help. We’ve spent years cultivating relationships with dealers and lenders across the state of California, and we specialize in matching you to the lender that suits you best. Expect to be guided step by step through the lending process by a lending specialist in your area.

The Easiest Way to Buy a Car in San Fernando

  • Dealers and finance companies forced to compete to fund your loan.
  • Scheduled appointment to select your car.
  • Zero down cars often offered for qualified borrowers.
  • New and pre-owned vehicles financed.

Bad Credit Car Loans in San Fernando

Credit score is very important when trying to finance a car. Has yours suffered in recent years? Seeking out a loan provider in San Fernando who is an expert in bad credit is essential. Otherwise, you could be denied or face an excessive interest rate. Chances are we can match you with a dealer or lender in your zip code who is willing to get you behind the wheel.

Car Dealers in San Fernando That Finance Bad Credit

At a bad credit dealership in San Fernando or anywhere, your dealer will have a conversation with you about financing right from the start. For you to satisfy the lender’s requirements, you will typically need to provide proof of income through pay stubs or tax statements, and in many cases a lease or electricity bill with your address on it. Your dealership representative help you through this process. Regardless of your credit, there has to be a vehicle to suit your budget. It’s best if the payments are roughly 5 to 10% of your monthly income. If you get paid $2,632 per month, this would be a payment of $132 (5%) to $263 (10%).

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in San Fernando, CA

Buy here pay here dealers normally deal with people who have major credit problems such as bankruptcy or foreclosure of a home. A lot of dealer financing is sourced elsewhere, in that dealers go through various lenders to provide the loans, but buy here pay here dealers are the actual source of the loans. You will notice that used cars and trucks are the only ones offered, and these are not no money down car loans. In most cases, the down payment is what the dealer had to pay for the vehicle when they bought it, and you could wind up paying greater than 20% APR. There’s more: these dealers seldom report back to the credit bureaus, so you could make all of your payments on time with no lift in your credit score.

San Fernando Consumer Profile

  • Income Per Annum: $31,589
  • Income Per Month: $2,632
  • Average Car Payment: $290
  • Ideal Car Payment: $211 (8% of monthly income)

Purchasing a Vehicle in San Fernando: What Can You Afford to Spend?

Do you know how much car is in your budget? Take a look at the estimates below. The lending rates have been approximated, and the figures are based on a yearly income of $31,589, the San Fernando average. Loan length is 5 years.

Great Credit Decent Credit Subprime Credit
Monthly Income $2,632 $2,632 $2,632
Monthly Installment $211 $211 $211
Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Purchase Price $14,468 $13,292 $12,105
Money Down $2,894 $2,658 $2,421
Loan Amount $11,574 $10,634 $9,684
Interest Paid $1,059 $2,000 $2,949
Overall Investment $15,527 $15,292 $15,055

Ready to Get Rolling?

Let us get you in the driver’s seat of a new car. We will place your application with a finance consultant from a dealer or lender in San Fernando.