Auto Loans in San Clemente (CA)

When it comes to financing a car in San Clemente, few companies have optimized the experience like us. We do business with a wide network of dealers and lenders, and that means we can help applicants get pre-approved for a car loan, even if their credit isn’t ideal. Ordinarily, we can match our prospective borrowers with an interested lender or dealer within a minute.

Why San Clemente Car-Shoppers Choose us

  • Guidance from a trained auto finance specialist.
  • Much less time wasted haggling at the time of purchase.
  • No money down often available to well-qualified borrowers.

Bad Credit Car Loans in San Clemente

Do you have a bad credit score as a result of issues like overdue bills, unemployment, divorce, or bankruptcy? You don’t want to deal with declined credit. That’s the reason you have to find a company in San Clemente that has experience with low credit scores. We can help. At Golden West Auto Finance, we are known for serving people all across the credit spectrum, helping them secure the loans they need.

A big portion of your credit score relies on your history of making–or missing–payments. That means an auto loan, being a major installment loan, can help you in restoring your credit.

So that you can avert missed payments, a lot of lenders make it easy to automate your payments. Selecting the right payment amount is critical. By way of example, let’s say you earn $4,144 per month, the average for San Clemente residents.

  • 5% of Income: $207 (Ideal)
  • 8% of Income: $332 (Okay)
  • 10% of Income: $414 (Maximum)

Buy Here Pay Here Auto Loans in San Clemente, California

Thinking about financing a car through a BHPH dealer because of bad credit? Usually, there are better options. Such dealers provide funding directly, whereas the vast majority of dealers outsource this, and they regard your income as a form of credit. You will find that used cars and trucks are the only thing for sale, and these aren’t no money down cars. Quite often, the down payment matches what the dealer paid for the vehicle at auction, and you could end up paying thousands in finance fees through excessive rates. If increasing your credit score is important to you, and it ought to be, you should contact a vehicle finance specialist through us, since BHPH dealerships can’t help you strengthen your credit.

San Clemente Income and Finances

  • Gross annual Income: $49,727
  • Income Per Month: $4,144
  • Optimal Monthly Payment: $332 (8% of monthly income)

Vehicle Budgeting in San Clemente

Are you wondering how much car is feasable? Check the estimations below. The rates are only estimates, and the numbers are based upon an income of $49,727 annually, the average in San Clemente. Loan length is 60 months.

Good Credit Fair Credit Bad Credit
Monthly Payment $332 $332 $332
Interest Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Number of Months 60 60 60
Purchase Price $22,780 $20,928 $19,060
Down Payment $4,556 $4,186 $3,812
Total Interest $1,668 $3,149 $4,644

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If you have below-average credit, you may need help getting financed. There’s no fee for applying, and you could be driving home in your new car in no time.