Auto Loans in Novato (CA)

Have you thought about getting your car loan pre-approved? It’s a good idea, because it eliminates a lot of the regular hurdles from the car-buying experience. Our network of lending companies and dealerships is unequalled, and we have lenders and dealers approve you for the financing you need. You will enjoy the convenience of working with a dedicated lending professional who can help answer your questions and arrange your loan.

Benefits for Novato Applicants

  • Recommendations from an experienced finance advisor.
  • Less time wasted on the lot on the day of purchase.
  • 100% financing frequently offered for qualified credit seekers.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Novato

Old fashioned financial institutions like banks ordinarily approve people who have scores of 700 or higher. Although low credit scores can make it difficult to purchase the car you want, it is definitely not hopeless. We can help. We specialize in serving consumers who have credit problems of all kinds, getting them the loans they need.

Is Your Credit Report Correct?

If you want to minimize your interest rate, be sure you inspect your credit report for discrepancies, which aren’t unusual and can reduce your credit score.

Make sure you review your credit report at least once every year. Failing to take action could lead to higher rates, scaled-down loans, and less chance for being approved.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Novato, CA

Folks in Novato and throughout California head for buy here pay here dealers, thinking they will only be able to get approved without a credit check. Rarely is this the case. Sure, they don’t conduct credit checks, meaning bad credit ought not be an obstacle, but you will really pay for this over time.

Regrettably, you can look forward to exorbitant interest rates, expensive down payments, and well-used vehicles that are steeply-priced. If elevating your credit score is important to you, you should contact a finance specialist through us, seeing as buy here pay here car lots won’t assist you in boosting your credit.

Loan Pre-approvals for Novato Consumers

Hoping to find out how much you can borrow based on factors like your credit and income? Take a look at these figures based off of an income of $3,279 per month, which is the average in Novato.

Credit Rating Income Factor Loan Amount
Good Credit 10 $32,790
Average Credit 9 $29,511
Temporary Bad Credit 8 $26,232
Poor Credit 7 $22,953
Horrible Credit 6 $19,674

You don’t want to borrow more than you really need, simply because you are able to. Overall, an ideal car loan involves the following: down payment of 20%, car payment of 8% of monthly income, and term length of 60 months or less. Given an income of $3,279 a month, let’s take a look at what price car you could buy given your credit.

Great Credit Okay Credit Poor Credit
Monthly Income $3,279 $3,279 $3,279
Payment $262 $262 $262
APR 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Vehicle Price $18,025 $16,560 $15,081
Down Payment $3,605 $3,312 $3,016
Loan Amount $14,420 $13,248 $12,065
Total Interest $1,319 $2,492 $3,674