Auto Loans in Merced (CA)

If you are interested in a new car, it’s quite possible you need a car loan to get yourself behind the wheel of the car you want. We enable you to apply for financing through our vast network of dealers and lenders. We place your application with a credit professional who will help you through the process.

Cars Both Used and New in Merced

Used cars and trucks have greater rates of interest than new models. However, for frugal consumers, they are the better option. In spite of elevated rates of interest, used cars cost you less, as the following table depicts.

New Car 1 Year Old Car 2 Year Old Car 3 Year Old Car
Depreciation 0% 25% 40% 50%
Retail Price $11,010 $8,258 $6,606 $5,505
Money Down $2,202 $826 $661 $551
Loan Rate 5.00% 7.50% 7.50% 7.50%
Term 60 months 48 months 48 months 48 months
Payment $166.22 $179.69 $143.75 $119.79
Finance Fees $1,165 $1,193 $955 $796
Total Paid $12,175 $9,451 $7,561 $6,301

A vehicle finance consultant can help you determine if a new or used vehicle suits you. To talk about your options, go on and submit an application.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Merced

Credit scores are a critical factor when financing a car. Has yours taken a few licks? While low credit scores might make it tougher to purchase a car, it’s by no means out of the question. We have the solution. At Golden West Auto Finance, we serve people with credit problems of all kinds, getting them approved for the loans they need.

An auto loan can certainly help you re-establish your credit scores. Just make sure that you make each month’s payment by the due date. As part of an effort to stay away from missed payments, most finance companies make it easy to automate the payment process. You don’t want to stress your finances with a big car payment. Typically 5-8% of your monthly income is reasonable, or $55 to $88 if you earn $1,101, the average in Merced.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Merced, CA

Buy here pay here dealers typically help people who’ve got truly serious credit problems such as bankruptcy. Dealers like these will approve almost anyone, no matter their credit, but there are disadvantages.

Disadvantages include:

  • Extortionate Rates of Interest
  • Massive Down Payments
  • Steeply-Priced Vehicles
  • GPS Tracking Devices

There’s a reason why these dealerships don’t have a very good track record. Let us place you with a reputable dealer who will work with you, even if you’ve had to file bankruptcy.

Merced Consumer Profile

  • Annual Income: $13,209
  • Income Per Month: $1,101
  • Suggested Monthly Payment: $55 to $110 (5-10% of monthly income)

How Much Car Can You Afford?

The total amount you can pay for your new car hinges on a range of factors. The estimates listed below derive from payments of $88, which is 8% of the average consumer’s monthly income in Merced, as well as a 20% down payment and 60 month loan. Rates are estimated.

Good Credit Okay Credit Poor Credit
Monthly Income $1,101 $1,101 $1,101
Payment Amount $88 $88 $88
Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Vehicle Price $6,052 $5,560 $5,064
Down Payment $1,210 $1,112 $1,013
Interest Paid $443 $837 $1,234
Price Paid with Interest $6,495 $6,397 $6,298

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We are your trusted source when it comes to getting a car financed in Merced. A finance specialist will lead you through the approval process, helping you borrow your funds at a fair rate.