Auto Loans in Huntington Park (CA)

If you need an auto loan in Huntington Park, you need a finance company you can depend on. We’ve spent years building relationships with lenders and dealers across the United States, which means we can help applicants of every kind, from good credit to bad. More often than not, we can place our clients with a willing dealer or lender in real time.

Huntington Park Auto Loans for New Vehicles

We are proud of helping consumers with both new and used cars and trucks. Preowned vehicles can be a hassle, because you have to worry about getting a lemon, whereas new cars are sure to give you years of hassle-free commuting. If you’re hoping to get a no money down car deal, however, you need to have great credit. If you’re unsure, discussing your situation with an automotive finance specialist will help you decide if a new vehicle is best for you.

Used Car Loans in Huntington Park

Typically sensible shoppers opt for a used car, not a new one. People have been known to discount preowned cars for having more costly interest rates, but bear in mind that they are less expensive up front and over the long haul. For anyone who is worried about maintenance, make sure to go with 1-2 year old vehicle with solid dependability. To help you make a decision as to which kind of car would fit you best, we have created this helpful table. We are assuming a two year old vehicle that has lost 50% of its value, and a borrower with a prime credit score.

New Car Used Car
Price $25,310 $12,655
Down Payment $5,062 $1,266
Interest Rate 5.00% 7.50%
Months 60 48
Monthly Payment $382.10 $275.39
Total Interest $2,678 $1,829
Total Paid $27,988 $14,484

Bad Credit Car Loans in Huntington Park

Maybe you have less-than-perfect credit as a result of issues like outstanding debts, unemployment, repossession, or bankruptcy? Nobody wants to deal with a credit denial, so it is essential to locate a dealer or lender in Huntington Park that specializes in non-prime credit. More than likely, we can find you a dealer or lender in your zip code who wants to get you in the driver’s seat.

Bad Credit Car Dealers in Huntington Park

At a bad credit dealership in Huntington Park or anywhere, your sales rep will have a conversation with you about financing before anything else.

For you to satisfy lender guidelines, you will usually have to verify your income through pay stubs or tax returns, and bring a current lease or utility bill with your address. Your finance professional will have more details. Your car payment really should not be over 10% of your income. For a consumer earning the Huntington Park average of $2,531 per month, that’s $253. The calculation is pretty simple. Simply divide your monthly income by 10 to get this number.

Huntington Park Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

Buy here pay here dealerships wants you to believe that they’re your only option, yet this is rarely the case. They seldom conduct credit assessments, which means bad credit shouldn’t be a hurdle, but it’s likely that you’ll pay more than you should for this privilege.

Regrettably, you should be prepared for inflated interest rates, large down payments, and somewhat battered vehicles that are overpriced. If bettering your credit score is important to you, and it ought to be, you should contact an automotive finance professional through us, as BHPH dealerships won’t help you boost your credit.

Huntington Park Income and Finances

  • Income Per Annum: $30,375
  • Monthly Income: $2,531
  • Typical Car Payment: $278
  • Optimal Monthly Payment: $127 to $253 (5-10% of monthly income)

Trying to determine how much car you can afford? Have a look at the table below. The interest rates are only approximate, and the figures assume a yearly income of $30,375, the average in Huntington Park. Loan length is 5 years.

Good Credit Average Credit Subprime Credit
Monthly Income $2,531 $2,531 $2,531
Monthly Installment $202 $202 $202
Interest Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Repayment Years 5 5 5
Purchase Price $13,913 $12,782 $11,641
Money Down $2,783 $2,556 $2,328
Interest Paid $1,018 $1,923 $2,836