Auto Loans in Brentwood (CA)

If you’re looking to purchase a new car, it’s likely that you are going to need a car loan. Rather than waiting until you are in the dealer’s financing office, we enable you to arrange a car loan ahead of time. In most cases, we can position borrowers with a willing dealer or lender even if they have credit problems like bankruptcy or repossession.

Car Loans for New Cars in Brentwood

Have you got new car fever? Brand new vehicles undergo faster rates of depreciation, which means you’re at a greater risk of negative equity. For this reason, finance companies typically require a 20% down payment, versus 10% for a preowned car. Having said that, new car loans have more affordable rates, and quite often it’s less complicated to buy a new car with bad credit. Ultimately, it’s best to consult a vehicle finance professional to decide whether a new our used vehicle is the right choice.

Used Car Loans in Brentwood

Used cars and trucks are a smart choice for individuals serious about minimizing their debt. Because preowned vehicles are much more affordable, you will probably have less interest accrued, even when you’ve got a more expensive rate. Even if you are under water on a preowned car or truck, it will typically be for a shorter time. To get the best of all possible worlds, consider a used car that has passed an automaker evaluation, meaning a certified preowned car or truck.

Brentwood Bad Credit Car Loans

There are a variety of issues that bring about less-than-perfect credit: medical bills, foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc. There’s good news, though: there are loan providers and dealers in Brentwood that accomodate credit-challenged consumers. Through us, you can contact an auto financing specialist from a lender or dealer in Brentwood who is willing to fund your loan.

You want to find a vehicle that suits your auto loan, not the other way around, and your dealer should help you determine an ideal vehicle. If you apply through us, you can line up your funding arrangement in advance, then plan an appointment for you to select your car or truck and sign the paperwork. Don’t be tempted into buying a vehicle that’s more pricey than you expected. Remember, you have a credit score to rebuild.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing in Brentwood, CA

Folks in Brentwood turn to buy here pay here auto lots, often called in house financing car lots, under the impression that they will only be able to finance a car without a credit check. Rarely is this the case. These dealers will finance almost anybody, no matter their credit, but there are downsides.

Sadly, you can look forward to excessive interest rates, huge down payments, and vehicles that cost too much given their mileage and condition. There’s more: these car lots don’t report back to the credit reporting agencies, and that means you could make all of your payments on time without improving your FICO score.

Brentwood Consumer Profile

  • Yearly Income: $76,428
  • Monthly Income: $6,369
  • Average Car Payment: $701
  • Ideal Monthly Payment: $510 (8% of monthly income)

Auto Loan Budgeting for Brentwood Residents

Here we have a table showing what car you can afford with a monthly installment of $510, 20% down payment, and 5-year term.

Exceptional Credit Fair Credit Bad Credit
Payment Amount $510 $510 $510
Interest Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Months 60 60 60
Sticker Price $35,010 $32,165 $29,293
Down Payment $7,002 $6,433 $5,859
Amount Borrowed $28,008 $25,732 $23,434
Interest Paid $2,563 $4,839 $7,137
Total Investment $37,573 $37,004 $36,430

Ready to Get Approved?

Regardless of your credit, we’d love to help you get the funding you need. There is absolutely no fee for applying, and you could be pre-approved for financing before you know it.