The Application Process

Not sure how it all works? Let us explain in detail:

  1. Submit an Application Online. Our application is faster than the competition’s, and data transmission is protected by SSL encryption. We place you with a dealer or lender in our network, taking into account factors such as your income, credit, and location. There is no minimum credit score.
  2. Receive Guidance from your California Auto Finance Professional. You will be contacted by a consultant to go over your unique needs. They should be able to offer you an interest rate quote at this stage, as well as your options as far as vehicles and financing terms. You may have to provide some additional information to finalize your approval.
  3. Schedule an Appointment to Choose your Vehicle. Now that you’re approved, you can select your new or used vehicle from a dealership in the area. Lining up your financing ahead of time will help simplify the process of purchasing your vehicle, and potentially boost your bargaining leverage.

Our Service: A Wealth of Advantages

The advantages of utilizing our services are plentiful:

  • No need to worry about credit approval once you’re on the dealer lot.
  • Greatly improved leverage to negotiate for the vehicle and price you want.
  • Personal appointments to choose and purchase your vehicle are often available.
  • There is no fee for utilizing our services, as we are compensated by the dealers and lenders with whom we’ve partnered.

California Financing Guidelines: Do You Qualify?

  • Resident of California, at Least 18 Years Old
  • $1500 Monthly Gross Income
  • Zero Vehicle Repossessed in Last Year
  • No Minimum Credit Score Required
  • Not Available for Refinancing

California Auto Finance Rates

Your rate of interest. In the long run, it could cost you thousands of dollars. So getting the most affordable rate possible is critical. Your interest rate, as you probably know, will be based upon your FICO score. That’s why it’s so important to know your score.

The benefits are substantial:

  • See what lenders see when reviewing your credit application.
  • Ensure that you’re receiving a competitive APR given your credit.
  • Protect against fraud.

When you apply, we will show you the best way to check your score, as well as how to determine what interest rate you deserve based on that score. This is of utmost importance if you want to secure the best possible rate from your dealer or lender.